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What are the factors that cause the current to be unstable when testing a pogo pin connector?

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   The spring thimble connector is energized or conductive. Most of the spring pin contacts the copper wall obliquely below, and the spring of the spring thimble connector bears a small amount, so the inner wall of the copper sleeve is required to be smooth. For example, the spring thimble connector connector factory is made into a non-beveled surface, but the bottom is flat. Most of the current will be conducted through the spring, and the requirements for the spring will be very high. Of course, it must be ensured that when the current suddenly increases, the signal current will be unstable.

First, the size of the spring thimble connector:

The size of the pogo pin connector is determined by the strength of the design, the current load, and the shape, but the large diameter usually increases the cost significantly. The standard thimble connector is usually a 1.5-needle tube and a 0.9-pin needle, which is a more economical choice.

Second, the height of the spring thimble connector:

The height of the spring pin connector is determined by the working height, that is, the height when the work is compressed, and the accuracy when the mating part is installed. The compression stroke is usually about 70% of the total stroke, and the common is a working stroke of 1.0mm.

3. Current load of spring thimble connector:

The spring pin connector has different current load requirements, and the entire design parameters of the pin connector need to be changed and adjusted accordingly.

Since the pogo pin connector is a very fine probe, its application in precision connectors can reduce the weight and appearance of the connector, which can make the connector more precise and beautiful. The above contents are several factors that explain the current instability of the spring pin connector for everyone. Therefore, when encountering these situations, we must know how to solve it, and pay attention to where the source of the problem appears, hoping to help Everyone, for more related products, you can pay attention to Jingcheng's official website.

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