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The selection of the spring ejector pin is very important. What matters?

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I believe that most of the spring thimbles have heard and heard a lot, but when buying, some things of the product are very important to us. It determines the crucial factors of a product. Its impact is also very large. Below, the editor of Jing Chengye will explain the precautions when selecting the spring thimble.

I. Selection of working stroke of spring thimble

When selecting a spring ejector pin, it must be determined according to the space of the product used, and it is selected within the working stroke range. Too small space will over-compress the spring of the spring ejector pin, which will affect the service life. If the space is too large, it may cause contact failure , Impedance instability occurs, and instantaneous breaking occurs.

Selection of plating materials

Plating materials have the functions of increasing conductivity, preventing oxidation, and anti-wear in spring thimbles. Different materials have different functions. Gold has good conductive properties. For high-current connectors, products with high impedance requirements are generally Will choose electroplated gold.

What are the effects of plating film thickness

When the spring thimble is in contact, it will wear for a long time due to the friction. The thickness of the plating film will have a great impact on the service life of the product. When the limit is used, the plating layer will be worn away. There may be phenomena such as excessive resistance and unstable impedance. The plating layer of 100,000 times spring thimble is definitely thicker than that of 10,000 times, so be sure to choose the plating requirements according to requirements when selecting the product.

Fourth, the impact of elasticity

The contact force of the spring thimble originates from the internal spring. The spring force can directly affect the resistance and stability of the spring thimble. If the spring force is too large, it will increase the friction coefficient and affect the service life of the spring thimble.

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