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Demystified: The testing performance of the spring ejector pin plays a major advantage worldwide

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   Spring thimbles have been used more than we thought. Many well-known foreign companies also list spring thimbles as a precision connector, which plays a vital node. It can be imagined that spring thimbles have not come Our life, from a global perspective, still accounts for a large share, has exceeded 40%, showing that the market for spring thimble products is huge.

The pogo pin wafer-level test socket has been adopted by several test foundries in Taiwan and Singapore. Customers report that the Mercury test seat has improved the test yield by 4-6% compared with previous solutions, which has significantly reduced test costs. In addition, subcontractors are satisfied with the durability, low maintenance requirements, and low price of replacement spring pins in Mercury test sockets.

Another British spring pin manufacturer purchased several 32-test Mercury wafer-level test sockets and sent one of them to a test subcontractor in Taiwan, China, where it also achieved great success.

Mercury's success story includes thousands of test sockets for single-chip devices, strip testing, and wafer-level testing. The Mercury series is popular for its outstanding mechanical and electrical properties, and its superior performance is derived from its unique structure and manufacturing processes.

Multitest announced that one of the world's largest pogo pin semiconductor manufacturers has evaluated Mercury-based wafer-level test sockets and found that the product is superior to traditional pogo pin solutions. The Mercury test stand has eight test positions, each test position has nearly 200 spring pins. Customers have purchased more than thirty pogo pin test sockets in order to meet the increasing output.

It can be seen that pogo pins are becoming more and more popular, and are also favored by many people. In the future development, pogo pins are a very important connection device, which greatly facilitates the performance of the device and achieves multi-function.

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