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What are the practical problems encountered in the pogo pin test?

Edit: Administrator Browse: Time: 2019-10-08

Pogo pin is a spring-type probe formed by pre-compression of three basic components: spring, needle tube, and needle shaft; it is made, assembled, and painted from several components. Because of some problems with the pogo pin itself, in the actual operation of the BTB female connector test, the following are the problems that the editor will explain in the pogo pin test:

1. The test is unstable. The pogo pin itself is a multi-accessory structure with many contact points, which is prone to problems such as unstable contact and low impedance consistency.

2. The probe is often crooked during the test, and then personnel need to adjust the probe again, which wastes a lot of time and labor costs;

3. Card PIN: Also because of the combination of multiple structures, this is an unavoidable problem on pogo pins;

4. Extremely easy to break the needle: As the pitch shrinks, the diameter of the pogo needle becomes smaller and smaller, which makes the risk of needle breakage of the probe gradually increase;

5. The service life is very short: the service life of the probe is less than 30,000 times, and it is easy to wear, and it will easily lead to poor contact and mismeasurement after using it for a certain life;

The relative occurrence of the above situation is relatively high. In view of the above situation, it naturally leads to the increase of enterprise costs, poor test stability, and low yield.

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