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Jing Chengye talks: China's new energy vehicle industry is developing very well, showing that sales will exceed the United States

Edit: Administrator Browse: Time: 2019-10-07

Since replacing the United States as the world's number one automobile production and sales market in 2009, China has been a global leader in the production and sales of traditional fuel vehicles. Although the growth of automobile production and sales nationwide has been sluggish this year, with the encouragement and guidance of government policies, the production and sales of new energy vehicles have shown a "blowout" growth trend. Both the production and sales data of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles have reached new highs. .

Data from the China Automobile Industry Association show that from January to October this year, China ’s overall automobile production was slightly higher than the same period last year, at 19.2803 million units, while sales increased by 1.5% year-on-year to 19.2871 million units, of which new energy vehicle production and sales increased year-on-year 2.7 times and 2.9 times.

Huang Zihe, deputy director of the CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that China's new energy vehicles have developed rapidly this year. Thanks to first-tier cities, they have canceled purchase restrictions and introduced new energy vehicle subsidies. Restrictions on core technologies and key components.

Xu Yanhua said that China ’s new energy vehicle sales will account for more than 40% of the world ’s total, higher than the United States, Europe and Japan. It will dominate the global new energy vehicle market. The Chinese market ’s growth in global new energy vehicle keyword / keyword consumption keyword / keyword growth The contribution is obvious.

At the same time, she also reminded that although the development of the new energy vehicle industry in China is gratifying and the world's sales are leading, there are also problems. The overall quality of domestic new energy vehicles is still at a low and medium level of development, in terms of safety, power batteries, and innovation capabilities. And core competitiveness need to be improved. Dongguan Jingcheng Industry provides various types of pin jack connection application solutions, including connector pin jacks, spring clips, pick and place pads and pogo pins. Our battery connector products include shrapnel, floating battery interconnect system (FBIS) and pogopin, with options to meet the changing needs of smartphones.

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