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Demystified: a connector pogo pin plays an important role in industry

Edit: Administrator Browse: Time: 2019-10-06

pogo pin believes that everyone is no stranger. It is a precision connector that surrounds us in life. It is inseparable from us in smart wear, aerospace, electronic cigarettes, magnetic connectors, mobile phones, etc. Life, it is not just these, it also plays another role in the industry. Next, the editor of Jing Chengye will explain:

The main role of the pogo pin connector is determined by the harsh environment of industrial production, it must have a certain resistance to pressure and unique use. Pogo pin connectors are produced and developed because traditional connectors are easily damaged in harsh environments, which reduces the efficiency of use. However, in such an environment, whether it is repaired or replaced, it also increases costs and brings extremely Inconvenient effects. In order to make up for the dilemma of ordinary connectors, for extremely harsh environments, connector manufacturers have continued to develop and update new products developed to enable the connector to support the connection mode in harsh environments. It is called a pogo pin connector.

Industrial connectors are mainly installed on large-scale equipment produced by industry. The design and installation of pogo pin connectors on these devices are very different, which also increases the general use of pogo pin connectors Very difficult. The main function of the pogo pin connector is the connection between industrial liquid containers. The integration of the pogo pin connector is required. This new design greatly reduces the loss of consumables of the pogo pin connector.

The above is for everyone to further explain the knowledge of pogo pin connectors on the other hand, I believe that I also have a certain understanding, for more related information, you can pay attention to Jingcheng official website, hope to help everyone!

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