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What is the stage of the development of new energy vehicles?

Edit: Administrator Browse: Time: 2019-10-05

Compared with traditional car companies and multinational giants, the performance of new car building rights at the auto show lacks attention. At the Chengdu Auto Show, only eight new car companies such as Weilai, Weimar, and Qianqi participated in the exhibition, and in the true sense, the only new car listed is actually the Aichi U5. As of today, none of the top ten models of New Power's sales has changed to a car manufacturer.

Lian Qingfeng said that the development of all industries, especially the development of fuel vehicles, has entered a strict elimination race, and new power vehicles have entered a new stage at the end. In such a pattern, it is not enough to just break on the point. It is necessary to build its own big system.

According to reports, the development of China's new power vehicles has gone through several stages. Before 2013 was the trial stage; from 2014, the end of the new power car entered the test period from the laboratory; from the end of 2017, the development of the new power car entered the 2.0 stage, the consumer's teaching and employment, supporting, supply and function The system is gradually sound.

"It's not that a few products are sold well. It is necessary to establish sales, service, charging and replacement, including all standardized systems, and all trade ecosystems," said Lian Qingfeng. Based on years of experience, BAIC New Power is in The rapid improvement of the three electrical skills are all based on a small amount of data analysis and experiments based on user pain points.

In this regard, Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motors, said that thanks to China ’s superior Internet foundation and solid intelligence and new power coherent conditions, the gap between Chinese cars in design, production, research and development and the international world is getting smaller and smaller. Hexin Power is at the forefront of the world.

Lian Qingfeng also showed that after 10 years of searching, he accumulated a lot and also encountered some twists and turns. BAIC has identified and positioned its future development and risks. In the past two years, BAIC has from time to time carried out the strategy of "high, new and special", and surrounds this main line, focusing on everything and returning. Now, in the face of truly world-class competition, the demand of Chinese auto companies has risen to a higher end and strengthened the systematic establishment.

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