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Top 10 brands of power outlets revealed in 2019

Edit: Administrator Browse: Time: 2019-09-26

The socket is used for power connection, which is convenient for our daily life. The well-known brand sockets are extremely safe. The core parts inside the product are high-quality products, which can effectively avoid potential safety hazards and can be powered off in time when there is a risk of leakage. Big brand sockets, we need to fully understand when choosing, together with the decoration home Xiaobian to understand, what are the top ten socket brands?

Figure 1-Power Socket

Figure 1-Power Socket

Siemens Corporation <br> was founded in 1847. Its company is headquartered in Germany and is a world-renowned enterprise in the electrical field. It is now listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and New York. During 2013, it had a total revenue of 6.14 billion euros and has nearly 32,000 employees in China, so it is a household name for the switch remote control socket.
Feidiao Electrical Appliances <br> Fei Diao Electrical Appliances was established in 1987 and is headquartered in Shanghai Songjiang Technology Park. After more than 20 years of steady development, the products have been involved in the fields of electrical products, construction appliances, small household appliances and so on. It is understood that Feidiao Electric has nearly 3,000 varieties of products in 40 series, so it has formed a strong brand competitiveness and is now in a leading position in the electrical industry.
Simon Group <br> Simon Group was founded in 1916. Its product diversification covers intelligent systems, electrical appliances, switches and other products. After a century of development, there are more than 20 companies worldwide, and there are 12 overseas production bases.
Matsushita Electric <br> Everyone should be familiar with its brand. It is a multinational corporation with more than 230 subsidiaries worldwide and employs more than 290,493 people. It is understood that Panasonic's total sales in 2001 reached more than 61 billion US dollars, ranking 26th among the world's top 500 manufacturing companies.

Figure 2-Kitchen Power Outlet

Figure 2-Kitchen Power Outlet

Schneider Electric <br> Schneider Electric was founded in 1836 and its corporate headquarters are in France. He is a global leader in energy efficiency management and has since successfully been promoted to one of the Fortune 500 companies. Provides total solutions for the energy and infrastructure, industrial, data center and network, building and residential markets in more than 100 countries.
Chint Group <br> The Chint Group is rich in fields, and its company is an enterprise engaged in electronics, petrochemical, power, construction, aviation, and other services. The products involve the fields of R & D, manufacturing, and assembly services of industrial electrical appliances, and have also achieved some impressive results.
Bull Electric <br> Since its establishment, Bull Bull has been committed to providing consumers with a comprehensive range of power connection solutions with innovative technology, smart products and quality services. After years of hard work, the sales of bull socket products have been far ahead, and its quality is also amazing.
Longsheng Company <br> Longsheng Company was established in 1993 and the company's headquarters is located in Shanghai, China. After more than 20 years of development, it has become a company specializing in the R & D, manufacturing, and sales of household hydropower building materials such as pipe industry (PP-R water supply, PE-RT heating, etc.), switch sockets, LED lighting, integrated ceiling As a large modern industrial entity.

Figure 1-USB power socket

Figure 3-USB power socket

Grand Electric <br> Zhejiang Grand Electric Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Its company was established in 1997. It is understood that this company covers an area of more than 60 acres and a building area of 30,000 square meters. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of heater switches, wall switch integrated appliances and other products.
Legrand <br> Legrand (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd., established in France in 1860, is a world-renowned provider of electrical and intelligent building system solutions, focusing on the global professionalism of building electrical and electrical and information network products and systems manufacturer.
The above is a detailed introduction of the top ten brands of power outlets, which can be helpful to everyone in purchasing power outlets!

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