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Demystified: What are the types of mechanical processing equipment?

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There are many types of machining equipment:
The common j tool facilities in the machining field are (by processing form):
Turning--spinning machine, milling--milling machine, planing ---- planing machine (insert --- inserting machine), reaming hole (huò) ---- planer, boring--boring machine, broaching ---- drawing Bed, grinding --- grinder, polishing-polishing machine. The above-mentioned facilities can be subdivided into different types. Spinning machines include general cars and several cars. Planers include bull's-head planers, bull-heads planers, and slotting machines. Planers can be divided into desktop, vertical, and swing-arm type. Multi-performance integrated CNC machining core, after the active exchange of the opposite cutting tool itself, after the whole machine is clamped, it can realize a variety of chronological processing such as drilling, boring, milling, countersinking and tapping.

Figure 1-Machining equipment

Figure 1-Machining equipment

Sheet metal processing is also a large category in machinery:
There are presses (punch, CNC presses), bending machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines and the like.
In addition to the turning, milling, drilling and boring machines and processing cores mentioned below, various types of grinders (coordinate grinding, light curved grinding, unintentional grinding, small flat grinding, large flat grinding, inside and outside circular grinding machines), welding ( Wire cutting) facilities, sawing machines, laser marking machines and the like.

Figure 2-Machining equipment site

Figure 2-Machining equipment site

There are additional facilities to be resolved in the late and early stages of machining:
Thermal solution facilities, paint films, silver plating facilities, etc.
Each line has a partial focus. For example, the bus line has four major techniques:
Stamping, welding, painting, final assembly. In the group, presses, welding machines and painting lines are necessary. Looking at stagnation is also usually equipped with large or small mule groups.

Figure 3-Machined parts

Figure 3-Machining equipment site

At the moment, if the machine is currently operated, it is normal for me to have a better understanding of CNC cutting tools, especially the core of machining. After I have accumulated the remaining lessons, I can go up the career path. Then, if you are currently preparing to participate in the development and design of machinery, it is best to have access to the facilities of the Department during the imitation phase. Regarding the university's current graduate studies, if you want to secure the foundation of the machinery, rotate in various groups Trainees are superfluous, so whether you participate in mechanical technology or do design and development, you don't need to have a deep understanding of the power of mechanical facilities, and you need to accumulate common knowledge and lessons that you can't learn from books. Please keep in mind that mechanical work is done with both hands.

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