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Jing Chengye talks: celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, we are proud of the motherland

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In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, Chinese philosophy and social sciences have been guided by Marxism, people-centered research, the "two-oriented" direction and the "double-hundred" policy. The major theoretical and practical issues in the main offensive direction have made historical achievements, made important contributions to the advancement of socialist modernization, and adhered to and developed socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Ning Jizhen introduced that this large-scale achievement exhibition has the following characteristics:

The first is a clear theme. The name of the exhibition is "Brilliant Achievements", and the theme of the exhibition is to open up and develop the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics and build a modern socialist country.

The second is novel arrangement. Different from the previous large-scale exhibitions, the previous exhibitions were generally divided into fields and sections. This large-scale achievement exhibition is based on a 70-year time series. We call it a "time tunnel" or "historical corridor". In other words, from 1949 to 2019, the entire exhibition has been visited. It can be said that this is a chronicle of the history of the People's Republic of China, which is displayed in front of the audience through exhibitions.

The third is rich in content. The exhibition is divided into five parts: preface, standing east, reform and opening up, rejuvenation, and the right path on earth. There are about 1500 entries in total, with 150 New China No. 1 heroic character walls set every ten to fifteen years.

Fourth, there are various forms. The exhibition brought together more than 1,700 historical photos and more than 180 videos, and collected more than 650 real objects, including the first Jiefang brand car in New China, the first red flag car in New China, Dongfeng cars, tractors, etc. There are nearly 100 models, there are more than 20 interactive projects, and there are more than 40 scenes. These more than 40 scenes are from different ages, including households of different ages. Set up wedding rooms in the 1950s, as well as scenes such as Daqing Oilfield, Hongqi Canal, flood control in 1998, the Wenchuan earthquake, poverty alleviation, and shantytown reconstruction.

70 years of hard work and 70 years of hard work and innovation have created a prosperous China after 70 years. Today we are proud to accompany your joy. Tomorrow we will play your revival triumphantly with great efforts! Dongguan Jingcheng After 10 years of development, we have consistently focused on the production and development of pogo pin spring thimbles. Our battery connector products include shrapnel Type, floating battery interconnect system (FBIS) and pogo pin, there are various options to meet the changing needs of smartphones.

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